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Why Every Kitchen Needs Serrated Knife

Why Every Kitchen Needs Serrated Knife

Works in the kitchen are more manageable and safer when you have the right tools. But with so many types of tools in the market, you can quickly get confused. You will end up with a wide array of selections leading you to get bewildered by the tools that will best suit your needs. Knives are a great example. Knives are essential in every kitchen. However, tons of types of knives will welcome you when you enter a store. You don’t want to purchase all of them, or you’ll end up not using them at all. Thus, knowing their purpose is a must.

It is given that you’d want to get a straight and sharp-edged knife. The chef’s knife is probably the single most important sharp-edged you need. Its versatility and efficiency will help you save money from getting all kinds of knives. On the far side, serrated knives are also something that every kitchen needs. It may be commonly associated with slicing bread, but it can also take on almost any job not catered to the straight blade.

Getting quality serrated knives could last you for a lifetime as long as you know how to take care of them. Although this kind of knife needs less sharpening, not all sharpeners are suited for bread knives. That is why Le Beau’s Honer especially designed a Serrated Knife Sharpener that can treat serrated knives well. This all-around knife sharpener can help you save money as you will never purchase another set of kitchen knives. LeBeau’s Honer sharpens just about any blade, including hunting knives, scissors, axes, arrowheads, and even fish hooks.

Serrated knives are surely one of the tools that you need to have in your kitchen. Here are ways your serrated knife can be put to work aside from cutting through a crusty loaf of bread.

Peeling Pineapples

The spiky skin of pineapples can make it hard to peel the fruit. Favoring serrated knives for this task will be easier to cut through it. All you need to do is to lay the fruit down and slice it off from top to bottom. You can also use serrated knives to make vertical lines; it will be easier to peel off the skin with your hands. The knife’s jagged teeth will quickly break off the prickly leaves and core, as well as its tough skin.

Layering Cakes

Cakes might not be as rough as a loaf of bread. On the other hand, its soft texture is sensitive, making you have a hard time cutting it with a straight-edged knife. The sharp teeth and long blade will help you create a single and seamless as you make those thin cake layers. This is the secret of coming up with a perfectly flat cake. So, the next time you bake, make sure to prepare a serrated knife with you.

Cutting a Loaf’s Top

It would be best if you were meticulous in making the cleanest cut when it comes to loaves. Thus, what more reason to use the thin serrated knife. Bread-making can be challenging, especially if you don’t have enough tools with you. One move can either make it or break it—even with just cutting the top of a loaf of bread.

Cutting Thick-Skinned Fruits

Other than pineapples, serrated knives are also best for cutting and slicing thick-skinned fruits like watermelons. If you are in a hurry to cut some of that mouthwatering and juicy watermelons, grab your serrated knives. Not only will it make the process steadier, but it will also help you peel off the skin with ease. It also works the same way with other melons and even winter squash.

You only need two types of knives in your kitchen, and a serrated knife is one of them. Its unique characteristics can be used in many ways. Call it a bread knife if you want, but that does not lose its versatility. Just one reminder, though, caring for your serrated knife is something that you must need to attend to if you want to make it last. Caring includes sharpening it appropriately. Even electric sharpeners cannot guarantee to make this happen. Go to Le Beau’s Honer, and you can indeed find the best one for this use.