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sharpen-with-the-honer01Dry honing the blade. Simply place your thumb behind the back of the knife and stroke the rods dead center 10 to 15 strokes. This sets your edge, making it capable of cutting meats, vegetables, paper or anything you want to cut. It is just not shaving sharp yet. This is a good utility edge for many cutting chores. If you want your knife even sharper use Honing Oil.

When using serrated knives put the flat side against one rod and gently stroke, vibrating the other rod. Using very light strokes, the vibration sharpens twice as fast as a straight edge blade.

LeBeau’s Honer™ comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Insrtuctional Video

Download-instructionsFor detailed instructions on how to use LeBeau’s Honer™ to sharpen knives, scissors, fish hooks, arrowheads, dull and serrated edges, download the PDF, or view the instructions page.