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Now let us take you on a Quest for the Truth about edges…

You ask, what is wrong with my knife?

American Delta Products®, makers of the renowned LeBeau’s Honer™ knife sharpener, would like you to know it may not be your knife that’s failing, it may be what you’re using to get the edge.

After 15 years of studying edges, we have discovered some little known facts which may seem obvious, but really are not. First of all, knives are edged tools. The key fact here is the word EDGE. The second key fact here is that it is the edge that usually fails, not the knife. If it is the knife that fails, it is because the knife is poorly made, has cheap soft steel, or is poorly designed.

Many knife owners don’t use the right tool for re-edging. If they use the stones, ceramics, or diamond sticks, they may he throwing their money away because of the high skill required for their proper use. Even when these devices are used properly, they are time consuming, and the favorite pocket knife is the only beneficiary, while the kitchen knives are bypassed. The other side of the coin is the hundreds of gadgets out there that peel too much metal off the blade or just plain DON’T WORK.

After all this frustration, the Quest begins for the quick, perfect edge. Shakespeare may have put it this way; “The fault, dear consumer, lies not in the knife, but in the devices we use to produce the edge!”

Now that we know where the fault lies, let’s put you on the right track for checking your edges. Don’t twang the edge like a guitar, or use your finger nail. The professional way is to use a light, be it sunlight or a bright light bulb. This light reflects on all the flat spots, nicks and burrs, giving you location and overall edge condition. Now take this information you have just learned and apply it to your edging tool.

Your Quest for Sharper Knives Ends Here with LeBeau’s Honer

A Stone?

If you’re still in the stone age, you would use a rough grade stone to remove the more severe flat spots, then switch to a medium grade to remove the roughness, then switch to yet another grade, fine, to remove more roughness. This should take you 15 to 20 minutes. Then polish with ceramics, another 5 minutes. What? Too much time, too much skill required, and too much bother!

Quick Fix Gadgets

Or, if you want to ruin your knives with a quick fix, you could use one of those metal peeling gadgets, there are enough out there to choke a horse.What? Been there, tried that! No, you don’t want to do that either…

You could try one of those fancy boxed, “looks easy” sweep stone systems. They come with fixtures that take up to 10 minutes to set up, but do give you a controlled angle with a stone. Problem is with all the different grades, angles, and setups, it takes more time then even the stones.

Diamond Sticks?

How about those new diamond sticks? Oh, I see, too much skill required, only one grade, and even when you have the skill, the metal fragments are still hitting the floor and you’re wearing out your knives on every stroke, because nothing stands in the way of diamonds. And without different grades of fineness, it still leaves a rough edge that feels sharp but not finished.

Look-a-likes, Looks like a Cadillac, just Doesn’t Drive like one.

So the Quest continues. Hey, how about those cheap big handled crossed-rods of the Edge Taker sharpeners, it looks something like the Hunter Honer? Well they still peel far to much metal, the rods are set at the wrong angle, they use the wrong steel to sharpen, they have the wrong design, and it certainly doesn’t take 2 set of rods to do the job of one good tool, at the correct angle, with the correct sharpening steel and our patented flex design that hugs the blade perfectly without destroying your cutlery investment.

The Quest Ends and Your Choice is an Easy One!

Now our search for a quick, easy, effective knife sharpener puts us on a little path which leads suddenly upward, and to the High Ground of simplicity and ingenuity. Thereon sits our patented product, the little work horse known as LeBeau’s Honer™, awaiting your pleasant discovery. And so ends our Quest.

LeBeau’s Honer™ primary mission, is to keep your blades finished, without peeling metal off your knives, thus protecting your investment in the cutlery you own. It performs the task quickly, easily, and in seconds, not minutes. If you need to remove flat spots, nicks and burrs, the instructions will show you how to use two simple methods and remedies for removing both major and minor flat spots, again in seconds not minutes. The skill level is very low, but the results are very high. It weighs an ounce, can be taken anywhere, and used by anyone. This little work horse can handle small pocket knives all the way up to axes and large machetes. Our little wonder even does serrated blades of all types, including chisel edge type serrated knives. With our honing oil it polishes most blades to a surgically sharp edge in seconds. We hold many patents, trademarks, and copyrights, to protect our simplicity and ingenuity. If it is not made by American Delta Products® and does not say LeBeau’s Honer™, Easy Sharpener”!, or Quick-n-Sharp”!, do not accept any substitutes, or you may ruin your knives. Folks, LeBeau’s Honer™ takes you from dull to shaving sharp in seconds without ripping, tearing or scratching your knives apart.

LeBeau’s Honer™ is guaranteed for life

The rods are turnable, and even if your dog chews it up accidentally, simply send it back and we’ll replace it. Look at it this way, you’ve done worse things with a twenty dollar bill with nothing to show for it except a headache and a good time. You have enough things at home that don’t work, try something that does and stop throwing away good knives that just need a proper edge to cut. Remember, the sharpest knife is the safest knife!