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The Only Knife Sharpener You’ll Ever Need

In the Home. In the Field.

Le Beau’s Honer in the Field


No one want to be caught in the field with a dull knife. Whether you’re hunting or fishing you know that a sharp knife is an essential part of your equipment

LeBeau’s Honer is the perfect solution. Simply place your thumb behind the back of the knife and stroke the rods dead center to set your edge.

It sharpens knives, arrow heads, fish hooks, scissors and even serrated edges.


The Honer - The only knife sharpener you'll ever need

Your Knives Deserve the Best, LeBeau’s Honer™ Sharpens Edges without Destroying Your Knives and Ripping Metal off the Edge Needlessly.

Housewives love it because it’s safe and easy to use. Guaranteed for life, you destroy it, we’ll replace it and the Nitride Rods are turnable.

Our Patented Flex Design prevents the peeling of metal needlessly during the sharpening process.

It is the Only Knife Sharpener in the World that Sharpens Serrated Knives Without Destroying them.

The better the knife steel, the better the sharpened edge.

Le Beau’s Honer in the Kitchen


You know how important it is to keep your kitchen knives sharp. Cutting meat, vegetables, or bread. LeBeau’s Honer is a kitchen essential.

Keep handy in a drawer. Every time you take out a knife, just use the Honer and give your edge a quick sharpen. Your quality knives will stay sharp for a lifetime.

And, yes, it will sharpen your serrated edges – no other knife sharpener does that.


Hunting Knives

All Knives

Why LeBeau’s Honer™ works so well:
  • The Nitride rods are super hard and will sharpen all metals.
  • The Nitride rods are set at a perfect 21 degrees. No guess work.
  • The Nitride rods have flex. Will not peel metal on your knives
  • More reasons…
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Kitchen Knives

Serrated Knives



Proudly made in America
by Americans for Americans

Fish Hooks


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