Basic Kitchen Checklist: The Best Tools and Equipment to Have

Basic Kitchen Checklist: The Best Tools and Equipment to Have

For a home to be pristine, the kitchen must be equipped with tools and equipment needed for cooking. As much as food is essential, it is also one factor that brings a family together. To make this possible, you should need a complete list of the things you need for your kitchen. Read on to find out:

Wooden Spatula 

A wooden spatula is something that every kitchen should have. The first reason is because a wooden spatula will take care of all your ceramic and non-stick pans for you. If you use the regular metal ones, you will end up having scratches on your pan when you are frying or sautéing. You don’t want this to happen, considering that these non-stick pans are too expensive—a wooden spatula will work it out. One tip for finding the best kind of spatula is to look for a thin front edge. The ones with thick front end easily slide under food.

Measuring Spoons and Cups 

This is essential, especially if you are someone who likes to bake and try out new recipes. Winging or eyeballing ingredients will only ruin the dish. Thus, getting measuring cups and spoons will be a great idea. Measuring out dry and liquid ingredients, such as oil, flours, and spices will help you craft a delicious meal. If you must, you have to get two sets so that one can be used for the dry ingredients and the other for the liquid ingredients. No one will want to eat a meal that lacks spices or is overly spiced.

A Good Chef’s Knives

You may not have a complete set of knives, but if you have the perfect chef’s knife, your cooking should be good to go. This kind of knife has versatile uses. Meat or vegetables, cutting or dicing, and slicing or chopping; it can do all the work. However, you must make sure that it is well sharpened. By far, the chef’s knife is the most used knife in every home. If you treat it well, you can use it for a lifetime. Since a good-quality chef knife can be expensive, repurchasing is inefficient. To make up for this, you will need a high-quality knife sharpener. Sharpen Serrated Edges with LeBeau’s Honer knife sharpener. It is safe and easy to use, and just like a chef’s knife, this specific sharpener is also versatile. It can sharpen fish hooks, hunting knives, scissors, and even arrowheads. Make sure to get yours!

Mixing Bowls

You can use kitchen mixing bowls for anything. It will serve as your kitchen hands. From storing to baking, you will surely make use of it. You can get varying sizes used for your particular ingredients. However, many would recommend getting an extra-large bowl for baking, especially if you are baking in volume. The best ones in that market that you can purchase are the ones that contain lids so you can store something on them.

Air Fryer

If you choose to have a healthier lifestyle and lean towards clean eating, an air fryer is ideal for you. Imagine having to cook your favored chicken with fewer calories. This is one of the perks an air fryer can provide you with. Many have attested that owning an air fryer has made their lives easier aside from being healthier than ever.

Cutting Board

Now that you know that knife is essential for every kitchen, you must know that you have to pair it with a trusty cutting board. It does not only protect your knife from going dull, but it also protects your countertops from scratches. You can get varieties of cutting boards of different sizes. You must get one of volume cutting and one that you can easily grab. It is also recommended that you get a different cutting board for meat and a different one for your fresh produce, such as vegetables and fruits. This, way you can prevent bacteria from the meat from spreading from vegetables and fruits.

The kitchen is a place where everyone can hang out and enjoy some good food. If you equip your kitchen with the right tools, you can surely make members of your family hang out more in the kitchen. May this list give you an idea of what to get!